This endpoint generates an onboarding URL, allowing you to do OAuth-style payment gateway connections within your own platform. Use the generated URL in the browser, to direct a user through the process. When the user completes the connection, they will be redirected to the final_redict with status parameter.

status can be 0 or 1 through 5. 0 indicates success, whereas other values indicate an error. If you get a non-zero response, please contact us.

Also, in gateway resource, you'll see a fx:connect_gateway link. This endpoint will allow a user to reconnect the payment gateway, and needs only the final_redirect parameter.

Sandbox Example

You can interact with this resource and run actions against the sandbox API via our HAL Brower.


Generate connection payment_gateway URL
Get a response explaining which HTTP methods are supported


Property Description Type Constraints
type Payment_gateway name. For example stripe_connect. String Required.
final_redirect Url to redirect the user to, after completion of the process.. URL Required.

Example Representation

    "connection_url": ""

Zoomable Resources

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